"I'm slightly melancholy, keen on vintage thingy, and a fan of sci-fi movie."

Hello! I'm Virga Maleva, the only author of VIRGAMALEVA, a personal blog about my random thoughts and inspirations. This blog was started back in 2011 called 'The Walking Bone', the naming was based on my body issues-so skinny as seeing bones walking. It was more as an online-diary-look-alike blog, about what I've been through in daily life. After going through a stage of hibernation throughout schools, eventually this blog has found its way back. *LOL* Since 2016, this blog was changed into VIRGAMALEVA simply to make it more me. I tell myself not to forget to take a long holiday, break the rules, go shopping, love a lot, and have fun since we have only one life. In line with it, I am currently interested in travelling, witnessing rare scenes, and taking photographs. Thus, I will likely post them here somewhen and I hope you will enjoy to be here as I am.


Words are such whimsical things. Why don't we write all good words and hope that it would be able to inspire?


❤ Virga Maleva