Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I came to my friends’ college graduation ceremony some time ago. Graduation. I don’t know if I like this thing or not, I mean, it’s actually only like one-day-happiness. Though I really enjoyed organizing all of the graduation needs, like, wondering the wardrobes, gift preparation, and all. I really enjoyed it like I don’t want it reminds me about the day after it. I don’t want it’ll be both the end of school and our friendship. It was one of days in our life where we’d busy spending our phone’s battery for taking photos and never feel enough because we know, we were in the doorstep of separation. I know separation is a must, and for whatever reason it been made, I choose to believe that it is for the good. One that I know, we’ll never be the same all over again. Our relationship either will gets tighter than ever or getting loose and looser. And I hate the second option.

You walked across that graduation stage and hugged your best friends, promising to stay in touch and vowing to be friends forever. Four years have passed and facetime calls have become casual text messages that have become once a month check in’s that have now become awkward run in’s at coffee shop because no one can pinpoint where the friendship ended but it has.
(Chelsea Camerlin)

Maybe some of us experienced it. As the time goes by, the friendship fades and says goodbye. So let’s just no promises, no vows. Let’s live based on how we used to. The difference’s just, we won’t sit together and talk as often as usual. But please keep the conversation going. Even if it’s just a short hi.

Or perhaps we can try to keep the conversation away for a while, just to increase our longing to meet in person. If it works, when we meet just in time, I hope we will engage in an endless conversation with no shortage of chatter like never before.

 Dear whoever who's just graduate, Congratulations! Graduation is both an end and a beginning. End of college life, beginning of real life.

x, Virga Maleva

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