Monday, May 08, 2017

I took a sip of mom’s tea or having snacks while my eyes set straightly to a drama series (Turkey, recently) or taking a good snap for my instagram; everytime I feel like ‘huh?’ over my life. Either because I’m to perplexed to think of solution to my problem, or I just can’t state what exactly my problem is. I feel like ‘huh?’ and those above are kind of my medication.

There was a moment when I have to deal with a problem, a lot of thoughts alternately came through my mind. Mostly begins with a question in my head, then come alternatives A, B, C along with each option’s plus minus. It’s like you were listening to a scenario, but this, happen inside your head. Chill, if you think you can’t imagine, because neither can I.

Then what?
I will keep on thinking about it and only thinking and doing literally nothing, as if I was dealing with it by oneself. I forgot one thing. I have Allah.
A conversation between a Mom and her Daughter consciously cause me to realise it.
Mom asked Daughter for praying before sleep and don’t be afraid when you sleep in dark as the lamp is off and Daughter agreeably said so, while affirming that afraid is irrelevant after you pray, because Allah’s with you. It is okay if we can’t see Allah, for Allah can always sees you.

It brought my tears blurred my sight, literally and metaphorically, as what Daughter said is true. Also the fact it is coming from a four-going-to-five-years-old girl.

God, I have a big problem. Hey problem, I have a BIG GOD!

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