March's nearly comes to an expire, and the coming of April is in sight. It hits me that twenty seventeen runs faster than I expected. If I may thought about another possibilities, it's either the time indeed runs faster or it's me, start doing everything more slowly. I never like to admit that I was wrong *singing* so I choose to believe that it’s the time that runs faster, followed by so many things that happened in the last three months that sometimes I can’t understand of what is going on.

This year was started by my friend’s announcement of her decision to take her love life relationship a step further and higher (into a marriage), and it happened in the very first day of 2017. The fact the she’s marrying our schoolmate in senior high was what surprise me and a lot of my friends too, considering they’ve never seen together or even knowing each other. Still that happens, and in the fate, written.

Followed by a little talk with a friend (great friend, because she does) about the present and the future. Well, I have to admit that I’d always love to having conversation with her, precisely listening to her opinions and thoughts, even about the smallest things. What she said was always matter, and she said it in the easiest way for me to understand. That day, she told me about registering for master degree and her future career plan. And I’ve been informed that she’s accepted, in the same day. Her love for movies, is another side of her that I like too since movies was the most likely thing that connecting us. She once told me her overly fond of movies eventually runs her to make sort of documentation about movies she watched recently and share it for others; but not that I noticed. Later on that day I just knew that she’s still keep doing it. Another great thing of her? Consistency. I like the way she’s just knows what to choose in her life, and that’s great. It was a face-to-face convo with her after year(s)—not sure, but it was quite long time we haven’t met—and I can say that it was a literally quality time.

Another wedding of my friends—two of my friends; my friends’ graduation; my mom and my dad’s birthday; the birth of my nieces—one is my cousin’s and one is my sister’s daughter, which makes me officially becoming aunty. I’ve been so excited since she was still inside the tummy that I even have a nickname for her. When she was born, I know everything will never be the same as before but she brings happiness around her. So... if I may not good enough for someone, I hope I can be a good aunt for her. 

The last three months was another reminder of how old I am (by age, of course. I'm forever young at heart) already, witnessing my friends getting married one by one, try to build up their little family, expecting a baby, so on and on. Involuntarily, our generation is up a level for becoming parent. And I am, questioning myself if I’m ready for it all someday. Is it a long way to go? 

I remember that sometimes I just can’t understand about one thing and another. I’m always be the last to know about something and it exasperated me much. While knowing too much and understanding too little is sucks too, I prefer knowing entirely none at all.

(P.S. while writing this I am wondering where’s my destination, looking forward for any understandable informations and events, and three wedding invitations are already in the waiting list for April..................)