There’s a movie that has been the most talked about on social media in the past few days, titled La La Land. I’ve watched it, and it’s funny, considering I’m not a fan of musical drama genre—though it’s also not my first time—but I ultimately decided to watch this one. Initially I saw some updates about the film and I have no interests before—or perhaps I just didn’t see this coming. Later I heard that La La Land won seven awards at the Golden Globes, most ever achieved for a single movie title. It got widely exists, for sure. Know what next? I’ve got that urge to watch this movie too. Are you a final year student and was confused about the title of your thesis? I hope “The relationship between the number of acquired award(s) and the decision of watching the movie” can help.

Typically I’ve got a movie-I-want-to-watch list, but this was different story.  I must say, my decision was right. It strikes, and Mia and Sebastian became my sudden crush. I’m in love with this movie. Go to sleep with satisfaction and wake up with determination were immensely highlighted in it. The way they desperately tried to chasing their dream between disparagement and skepticism of others yet they keep dauntless. As though it slapped me on my face and asked me what have I done to reach my dreams, to acquire what I really desire. The voice in my head screamed if I even have it figure out. It strucks me, and I retrieved everyone’s reaction about this movie;

The real tension in “La La Land” is between ambition and love, and perhaps the most up-to-date thing about it is the way it explores that ancient conflict (A. O. Scott, The New York Times).

La La Land is utterly charming and purely magic. It’s an instant classic (Morgan Oey, Actor and Singer).

It’s a beautiful and hopeful film, coming at a time when there isn’t much beauty or hope in our movies, and it’s the type of picture—a sprawling, exuberant musical drama—that hasn’t been seen in decades (Mick LaSalle, San Fransisco Chronicle).

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I say, regardless of whether we achieve it or not, well it is good to at least knowing what we want. I think that’s what keeps us alive. And I still have to learn much about this thing. I’ve never been so into a movie before, or didn’t as well as it does. Without denying the fact that indeed it is quite a touching story, I’m profoundly agree as it won Golden Globe’s Best Picture Award and willingly support to nominate it as Movie of the Year, if possible. In case you haven’t heard, this movie snatches not some or several but fourteen (14) Academy Award’s nominations—ties with Titanic. Perhaps you frequently heard it as Oscars. After all those turn-downs and brush-offs phase (Damien, La La Land’s director, made the screenplay back in 2010), seven weep at Golden Globe and now fourteen nominations weep at Oscars is worth the effort. It may sounds cheesy, but if this movie do not win any awards at all, it has won my heart. Maybe all of our hearts. Really, for it makes everyone talked about it. 

This movie’s perfect for the dreamer, for teaches us the need to strive to get what we want. To fail then rise again. To state that sometimes it is okay to give up, just for a while, for a chance to dig more creativities and let ourselves to get up. As what Mia did, when she’s giving up on her audition and come back home. Or giving up on jazz and switch to the band which is more into pop, just like Seb did. Because maybe the real chance is right there, right after we decided to giving up. 

Last but not least, cheers to the one who dream. 

"This is a film for dreamers," Stone said. "I think that hope and creativity are two of the most important things in the world and that's what this movie is about. So to any creative person who's had a door slammed in their face...or anybody anywhere, really that feels like giving up sometimes and finds it in them to get up and keep moving forward, I share this with you."
- Emma Stone in her ‘Best Actress’ winning speech at Golden Globe