Friday, December 30, 2016

Things do change, but I'd tell myself it doesn't have to be everything. I like to keep some things the same.

If you happen to be one of my Instagram followers, you will find that I've never ever post my family members's faces. Though I just posted a photo of me and my mom recently, it was merely a portrait of her back view. If this thing ever slightly comes to your mind I hope it did not to the extent of bothering you. I too, just like any curious breathing living man, ever wonder about other's life behind what they let me to see on their account of virtual reality on cyber. Yet back to the public secret rules of cyberspace, we have the rights to post what we want (in a good way, underlined).

In Instagram case, one of my fave actress excessively shows how hilarious her life is. She stands of a conviction that she wants to share only happiness, because she thinks the hardship she'd been through, there's always the harder one that others feel. That her misery is nothing compared to others. My fave blogger, I think, try to build a character of her in cyber as a melancholic soul, not so cheerful person. Her posts are mostly poured with a thoughtful message, what she wants to say related to the picture. Eventually sounds so poetic to me. Which is good, because her words be my company in my most discouraged days , firm and tight.

Thus in case you are in such thirsty of answer, here's to you an explanation why am I never reveal my family members: I just want to keep them safe and sound. Cliche, huh? In this era of changes, seriously? I know they said things do change, but I'd tell myself it doesn't have to be everything. I like to keep some things the same, can't I?

I solely want people who know the faces of my family members are people who know them in real life. I might be antiquated, but this thing, I want to keep it. Just because you know some people on cyber and stay updated, doesn't mean we know everything about them. Instead, we only know what they allowed us to see.

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