Thursday, October 06, 2016

Do you know when you've lost something-like your favorite T-shirt or a set of keys-and while looking for it, you come across something else you once missed but have long since forgotten?
Well whatever it was, there was a point where you decided to stop searching, maybe because it was no longer required or a new replacement was found. It is almost as if it never existed in the first place-until that moment of rediscovery, a flash of recognition.

Everyone has one-an inventory of lost things waiting to be found. Yearning to be acknowledged for the worth they once held in your life.
I think this is where I belong-among all your other lost things. A crumpled note at the bottom of a drawer or an old photograph pressed between the pages of a book.

I hope someday you will find me and remember what I once, meant to you. 

- Lang Leav, Lost Things.

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