Thursday, October 06, 2016

Letting go of what’s familiar.

Start it all over again seeing that we move to something new. I recently do. I just let my old phonenumber go and make replacement. Maybe it is too trivial to argue, but I believe that each one of us have it—at least one insignificant thing but in less graspable way, it is an essential part of their life. Just as my old phonenumber attached to me­­—or I to it—since I was in junior high. So attached that I’ve memorized it by rote. That all my friends have saved it in their contact as mine. That everyone should be notified of the replacement.

“Why did you replaced it by then? You don’t have to.”

There will come a time when we shall do what we don’t feel like to. Let go of something we want to hold. We must learn to let go in order to be free, after all.
And that is what I did. Release the old phonenumber that I’ve been use for years, get ready to share the same information repeatedly every time someone asks about it, and adapt to the new one.

Because nothing lasts forever.


I never wanted any of it to change,
but that’s not how life works.
- Ted Mosby

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