Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I always keep in mind about the way you described me. That I’m tearfully sentimental over certain movies, that I always went along with my friend or easily sunk in the latest trend. About how I easily believe upon majority of votes or about my fondness of people’s quotes.
Concisely, in a sea of almost anything I will likely get drown.
And I wont argue.

Because I know I was drowning when certain memories recalled, I know I was drowning in the riddles that you speak between your undertaking to calm me down when I become sulky, and I know I was drowning when you took me out to a place where sunbeams peeking in the slit of the leaves—like a new hope to despair.

But I also know, and for sure, that nothing can completely drown me the way your pair of shady, soothing eyes do.

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