Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I met an old friend recently and there's no feeling in the world will equally express the happiness of meeting old friends. I'm not saying that it is the best feeling in the world. There's so many kind of happiness. Just as how happy we are when we meet our families, both are bring ultimate happiness, but they're different. 
She's one of my close friend in junior high--yes, we've been friends for approximately ten years (and  always keep growing). There are five of us, five young girls who were agreed to be tied in a bond we called 'friends'. We might not as close as any kind of a group friend can be--we barely even have a heart-to-heart talk situation, but how close anyway a girl group friend of early teenager can be?  How serious early teenager's problem of life can be? That's not what I want to tell in the first place, anyway. What about go back to the rendezvous story, curious soul?
The meeting was taking place at capital city of the district where she currently lived in for education reason. And I went there for, well, um.. vacation? No. Well, an inexplicable reason. So I contacted her, hastily, one or two days before, and we're happened to be met. I always wonder about the way universe took part of our life; we could plan something as carefully and sequenced as it can be and ended up fail while several sudden plans often came up worked out. But as it out of human's reins, all we can do is to thank for what happen.
Meeting her was a thing. It forced me to recall the memories of us, five of us. They were pictured in my mind--some were clear, partly blurred--rapidly, substituted one another. I'm trying to soak the feeling every time I was thinking about old times, and I'm not certain of what I feel. But I remember: it's a positive feeling. My mind wandered to those days of our firsts--you know, being in early teenager means it's time to experience a lot of new things, thousand first things happen in our life. The so-called first crush (or first love?), first puberty problem, first hangout--real hangout, and what else you named it. And then those birthdays habit, we used to celebrate each other birthday on Saturday, always on Saturday, and do photoboxes (it was so happening back then, remember?). When we were mad at each other due to a simple causation, it caused me a little unwillingness to go to school. But when I look back at it now, it feels so silly, to be mad over not-so-important thing. Next is about the moment when school is nearly comes to an end. It's the senior year. There's one girl who's join us later, so there are six of us. And in the precious last year--which means we're senior high students soon to be and it's enlarging possibilities of being apart--we're decided to make it unforgettable. Short story, we were planning for a video making and I must say it wasn't really done well, but hey, we've got the fun! And we found irreplaceable and shut up n drive as our favorite songs *lol. There was a lot more, but these are the most that left a trace in me. Now that we're here, years later, I'm missing the old times...
Dear girls, I don't know if you read this, but one day if you do, here's a little write for you:
We don't have to vowing to be friends forever, make a phone call everyday, or catch up regularly, to be friends. It was all sweet memories, worth to remember, and deserves a place in our heart. Keep it, and I think that's enough to makes us friends. So,   will you keep it? Because I'll do. We might do not have as many chances to meet as we used to be. Maybe we'll meet again someday--and I choose to believe that way. Maybe it will merely some of us, maybe all of us. When the day come, shall we team up again?

Met this friend is a thing
We were reconnecting
Rebuild what's fall down after school's ending
Because old days are always interesting
Though sometimes made us wondering
And stuck up instead of moving
Here's to reminding;
in the small talk we were enjoying
in the future we were staring
to see what's coming.

xx virgamaleva

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