Friday, September 16, 2016

Around last year, I unintentionally found such a marvelous work of art. It's an advertisement of a company in a form of short movie. I will not tell what kind of product or the company's field in the first place, but I can tell for sure that they can delivered the message straight on point without have to explicitly saying it. I liked the way they wrapped it in a complete package; they combine current social issues and technologies beside the product itself and how the three of them linked.
The short movie itself is a story about a girl who lived in the fear of being real since she get bullied due to her facial appearance (current social issues). She's an idol on social media as she seen pretty much flawless and been adored by her hundred-thousand followers who's not knowing her pimply face in real life and how she'd go around with her masker on. She get her flawless face using a certain face-editor application on her mobile phone, and upload it on social media (current tech). Later on she move abroad and start a new life where she thinks she won't get hurts, unrealizing a beautiful truth following behind. There's a boy who's happened to be her schoolmate, introduced himself as a graphic novelist asked for her help to translate his novel in other language. So they're reconnected, leaving her clueless about his actual identity. The conversation keep going--with she's still in her masker--until one day the boy arrives unannouncedly in the country where she lives. He decides to hands over the novel directly to her, but she refuses as she afraid of his reaction if he find out the truth and ask him to go back. So he does, 
before he tells her that he was her schoolmate who got bullied due to his overweight issue and was enchanted to met her. And she never knows it, until she read his novel...
A man in a bulky spacesuit has been floating aimlessly through the galaxy for countless years. One day, the force of gravity pulls the astronaut closer to the moon. And on that day everything is going to change. The astronaut looks up at the moon floating about him and admires its beauty by himself. But the cluster of stars shining nearby and made the moon appear dark and lonely. At that moment he makes a decision to do something.
The astronaut holds his breath and takes off his bulky suit piece by piece. He swims against the pull of gravity with difficulty, towards the moon that is being cruelly mocked by the cluster of stars. Getting closer and closer. The body that had been cocooned now feels naked and light. The astronaut thinks to himself, "Did I sacrifice everything for myself, or for whom?" The answer is that it's worth it, just to be able to float up high, and whisper to the moon: screw them all. Because after this, we will fall into each other's orbit.
The girl named Lalin, which means the moon in some other language. The boy named Nut. He narrates her as the moon and he's the astronaut. He wants to tell how he got to change because of her, in a good way. We can see the way he shows how her existences affected him and his life never the same again, by addressing the novel:
This was an ads of a beauty clinic company in Thailand. I love the way they created the story about fearful of being real because of facial appearance and how they offered solution: go to their clinic to beautifying self and be fearless. Such a brilliant story for an ads. Apart from that, it also tells us that at our absolute best, we still won't be good enough for the wrong person and at our worst, we'll still be worth it for the right one. Just as the moon for the astronaut.

Forget her tattered memories,
or the pages others took;
You are her ever after-
the hero of her book.
- Lang Leav, Lullabies

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