Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It’s been three wintertide passed yet it still have me indulge in the reminiscence. We met within unplanned moment where I was volunteering and you were too. I was startled when you were the one talking to me first because I presume myself as a kind of nobody-ever-paid-attention-to kid. I just never thought it was you, because nobody ever does like you do. And because it never comes to my mind hoping you will ever notice me of all the friends you meet. I remember that day when I dealed with a tiny unimportant thing and you’re the one to show up, it’s like suddenly you became my someone to turn to.

But nothing’s more. It was our second and last conversation through a week of voluntary. For a few moment, I take it as a week winter fling. Beyond my expectation, turns out you did not see me as only a fling. Or so I thought.

I remember it was the first day after summer break. It was you standing there with a bit surprised stare. At first I was uncertain, whether should I say hi but I didn't. I elapsed, and your shade remain. Funny that we bumped into each other later on, in a room, and you were kind of greeted me first.. again. "Hey, you drop that paper," you said. Startled, I said, "Oh? Right." That's the moment when I took a seat right next to you. Something I'd never do. We're sunk in a small talk. I was happy, though this talk leads nowhere, it was a real conversation. Unless I didn't read what you wrote, I'd never anticipating it. You didn't do it explicitly, but I know it was me.

We never asked for each other's number

There was no more 'bumped into each other'

I knew you're suffering for not seeing me afterwards, and I was too

And did you agitated that night when I got a late night gift? Because if I were you, I'll do

Well, we'd still met sometimes but I didn't have courage to talk to. None of us. These things starts to getting loose and unsteady. All I want is please don't hate me. Because whatever you'd ever think of me, I wish you to always be happy.

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