Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"These couples last week I've been feeling up and down quite a lot, not always in manageable order.
When my heartbeat got raised to triple the normal and I can feel my fingers starting to be shaky, I know I won't be able to survive the day without crying.

And I do cry, a lot; because just like you, I know it's unbearable to be weak (and desperately need to be accompanied), or because I know things are not going as I planned, or that others can hurt you unintentionally when you least expected.

Sometimes I remember a particularly good memory and that can burst my tears out, too.

But hell, I cry many times.
We all cry - only sometimes without the tears.

Cry when you feel like the day is bad and the person who failed you will keep coming to bring the pain.
Because after you let the heart out into that crystallized air you'd inhale to take a deep breath, you know it's just a bad day instead of a bad life; and that you have a full control of your own life so everybody else who doesn't respect that will not be welcomed back.
Yes, cry and soak the strength of being vulnerable into your flesh and bones.
Days can be hard as hell, but you will always have many tomorrows to try again

- C

Tiny little thought written by my fave blogger, C, which is in accordance with mine, lately. I think everyone has ever been feeling down too, right? I've been too. Especially when I tried to compare myself with others. When I see them one by one moving into a better phase of their life and thrive, while I feel I still in the same place. And the writing above just, know what I feel in every single word it speak. Reading her words just calm me down and feeling that I'm not alone. That I'm not the only one who feel this way. I'm not alone, and so are you.

This isn't my first post inspired by C, see also my previous post here ;)

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