Monday, July 18, 2016

You’ve been picking up the pieces you did not break, those irresponsible one did instead. You were tracking the traces of love that once existed, trying to fill all empty spaces left.

You’d say go out and celebrate happiness freely but I shook my head. Tell me why you shouldn’t, you asked, and I replied, do you think this couldn’t be that bad?

This time you answered me with a slight nod, and your cold eyes never leaving my own.

Your cold eyes are not that cold. If must there be one that cold, it’s me, just like what they’ve always said. So cold I’ve been frozen for a while until that day. That day when you came and melt me all the way.

I am cold, as the ice. And you are the sun. While everyone fighting over your warmth I'm stand still right here, watching. Just being in this distance from you was close enough to make a change in me. Because what can the sun does to the ice? The sun makes the ice melts.

(courtesy of newbridgerecovery.com)

If being the ice means being complete, a whole of self, then I think it’s better to be half. So that you can fill the other half. Do you ever heard old conversation of a glass with half water and half air? Some says it’s half full, other says it’s half empty. I don’t care full or empty, as long as it is half, then it’s good. In a glass full of water, we cannot added more. Likewise the heart. Our heart.

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