Monday, June 06, 2016

Things were quite different

now and then

Anything seems  so so easy

when we’re kiddy

to have just running aimlessly

Or to have math as our most difficult matter

and wishing we were older,

sometimes when they asked, we said want to be doctor

and time running faster

As our wishes

it is now useless

to think how easy and fun childhood was

At least we can tell

it’s hardly necessary to dwell

So that we don’t drag on regret

about anything that we do and don’t get

Perhaps things just don’t work out

and the future screams loud

We’ve been showed by the truth

life is wasted in youth

Forced to live life today

is something we have to pay

But speaking of which

instead of busy making ourselves prosperous and rich

Why don’t we thank after all

-as we noticed at peripheral-

for who and what we are

to any souls who's yearning for childhood

xx virgamaleva 

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