Friday, June 17, 2016

Speaking of my last longing-childhood post, this post will still be in similar situation. Let's talk about, what did human do in their life, what they did it for, and why. What I knew most of my life is, we're living several stages of education to be graduate so that we'll have a better life (if we had a bad one. If we already had a good one, then it has to be much much better).
We enroll into kindergarten where all we did were playing all day, and get scored for it. So we can enroll into a favorite elementary school and make as many friends as we met at school. So that we don't have any obstacles to adapt in junior high. Registering in every non-academic activities so we got friends from every class in school and got to know better of our first crush (and we'd naturally find our personal soul spirit to go to school everyday). So that when we enroll in senior high, we already know each other with our schoolmates thanks to school experiences which often reunite us and our peers in junior high or long-time-no-see friends in elementary and kindergarten Furthermore, we make friends across senior highs so when we enroll college, we know everyone in town *triple clap*. We actively participated in any meaningful activities or social movements while we tried our best in every subjects and grabbed the scholarships. So that we can punctually graduated and make our parents proud of us.
Story above is the less obstacles version. We all know the reality is not as smooth as the theories. It's a different story if we're not so much kind of an easy going kid and adaptation is not an easy thing for us, if we're not kind of energetic well-known student and still did good grades, and so on, and so on.
For those who had purposes in their entire life, they seem always had another plans. Plus if they have certain abilities or get supported by their surroundings. What happen to those who isn't? They stuck with their life. It's always looks easier on others's. The neighbour's grass are always greener.
While I had this thought haunting, I found such calming words from my fave blogger . What she wrote just reflecting what I'd been thinking stealthyly and she came with her words waking up my mind. She wrote:
"Sometimes we'd feel stuck with ourselves, while everybody else seems like they always know what to do. Sometimes you'd just stand still like a building, and watch the cloud passes by.
But there's a power in waiting, and not-knowing; it gives you a longer time to plant the roots deeper. Next time when the blizzard come, you'll be the one who stand strong.
And for the majority of people, it's a privilege to be able to do nothing and live completely in the moment... .
So now breathe.
(And act like one bxdxss building, because you can)."
I think it's true when we through such stagnation in our life, maybe it was a little whisper that all we need to do is all what stagnation can do; do nothing. We'll think and see more clearly at the possibility of which pebbles will make us stumble, and we will walk carefully.

Until we realize that some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title til much later, so embrace uncertainty (Adam Powell). Everybody has their turns to blooms, no matter who's first.

xx virgamaleva

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