Thursday, June 02, 2016

Have you been through series of unwanted experience caused by misunderstanding / misconception / miscommunication-you named it, and what has been your biggest question mark about it lately, is: "What if?" What if I didn't do it before? What will gonna happen now? Well, the most annoying part is if it has an emotional involvement in it.
There's a moment in my life when I had an extreme feeling-and it's either positive or negative one-I end up couldn't say it. Barely able to speak. Because of it (and sometimes because a silly reason and my stupidity), there's a few undesirable things happen and people I want them to stay, left.

Of course I was very apologetic, but what was happen just make me more observant. It makes me to see at things more clearly, to treat people better, and learn that I can't just underestimate an extreme feeling.
I've been through it and if only I could possibly fix anything, I wish to have bravery and say what I feel. Properly.

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