The Closed Door

He knew exactly about how much I like to drown myself in the sea of past memories. I told him all the stories so many times yet he'd still want to hear, even the repeated one. Once I asked whether he was bored, he said as long as I like it, he's okay with that. But I'd like to defence, too.
"It's just the past. I don't like it. Not really."
"But, you smile?"
"Am I?"
"Every time, princess. Even before the story start I can see it coming. You're too obvious."
That's him. He's actually a good guy to chat with, simple, always talk as it is. Sometimes the way he frankly said his appraisal was just irritating. In the other way I like the way he paid attention to the details, because I think it suits me much. It seems complicated and hard to believe, but I like his both sides. The one who were always claimed as an unromantic guybecause he believes there's a faint boundary between romantic and deceitfulunconsiously always carried the talk romantically. In a way he didn't understand. In a way no one could ever understand. The only peculiar thing about him was the fact that he'd always call me "princess". A bit childly calls from a simple guy like him and slightly bother me but I just don't mind it.
I see he was just fine. But they said seeing could be deceiving. Unfortunately I forgot it as I just easily let the door wide open and let him in. I'm not sure if the door was too wide, way too wide for him to get in and get out, or simply because he was just too good. I said he's a good guy, remember? He's, a good guy. He's a good listener. He's good in noticing his surroundings.
One thing he failed in, was to remember one big rule for entering one's territory: not to break anything. The damaged he caused obviously changed its shape. A shape that will never be the same again.

Sometimes when we try so hard to understand life, it turns out to be vague, more and more. How can someone who I used to tell about past, now becoming a part of the past itself. No one knows. 

The door that was wide open, never seem to open again for him. Hung a board on the door, written:
If I let you in, please don't break anything.